LIMC Homepage

Labour Intensive Construction and Management CC is a specialist in Labour Intensive Civil Engineering Road Construction Projects. (LIC)

We Offer

  • Contractor for LIC Projects
  • Management of LIC projects on behalf of clients
  • Management of SMMCs
  • Management of Workplace Skills Training for Contractors

Typical Labour Intensive Construction Projects

  • Road Maintenance
  • Road Reserve Maintenance
  • LIC Road Construction
  • Community Based Projects

Specialised Labour Intensive Construction Activities

  • Gabions
  • Fencing
  • Storm water Structures
  • Kerbing
  • Block paving
  • Seals for low volume roads
  • Potholes and edge beams
  • V-drains
  • Stone Pitching
  • Community Crusher Plant
  • LIC Design & techniques
  • LIC Plant